The Art Museum receives a magnificent gift

Glenda McClatchey
November 14, 2015

Photo by Alex Buntin

Photo by Alex Buntin

Friday, November 14, 2014 in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition,Rudy Pozzatti, An Indiana Treasure, Rudy Pozzatti gave a talk to 40 listeners in the Mickey Shook Room of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. At the end of the talk he overwhelmed the audience with a gift of The Labors of Hercules, a suite of 13 lithographs. The portrait of Hercules is pictured.  

The remarkable prints are based on stories from Edith Hamilton's Mythology and portray the 12 labors, impossible feats, defeated by Hercules.  Mr. Pozzatti created one additional print of an image of Hercules to make it a set of 13 lithographs.

The Art Museum's Collection Committee met this week and officially added "The Twelve Labors of Hercules" suite to the permanent collection.  A special exhibition of the work is being planned for the spring.  

Professor Pozzatti, printmaker and collage artist, is a distinguished professor emeritus, the founder  of the Echo Press at Indiana University where he served as Director for 16 years, a Fulbright Scholar, and Gugenheim Fellow.  

In 1961, while serving as a cultural ambassador to the USSR, he was invited to the Kremlin by Nikita Krushchev to attend a welcome home party for Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space. It was this experience that prompted him to begin research into the history of the Apollo Mission to land a man on the moon.