Drop in Pastels

Instructor: Anne Parks


10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Class Fees
Art Museum Members: $120/6 sessions

Non - Members: $134/6 sessions

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Drop in Pastels 6 Week Pass

The class is for any artist who wants to take their pastel painting to the next level. Weekly classes will include instruction on the following:


None of us have unlimited time to create art. Learn how to plan your creative time, to get the most out of your day and your abilities.


How are your paintings different? Learn how to spot and develop your unique style: Working toward creating a respectable body of work.


We all need reminders of the basics. Sometimes we get lost in an idea or subject and forget the elements of good design that draw emotional response from our audience.


Learn how to do art (in some form) every day! True inspiration and success comes from consistent hard work and dedication.


Learn to “rethink how you think” to truly “see” like an artist.


Delve into the many styles and tools used by master artists to find new inspiration for your work.


Take your art to the next level! Learn the business of getting into juried shows and selling your art.