Past Exhibits


Animal Crackers by Judy Titche


“Animal Crackers” highlighted two very divergent artistic techniques.  The first is pique-assiette mosaic, represented in the show by what artist Judy Titche calls “story animals.” These “animals” encourage the viewer to devise stories about them and thus to become a part of the scene itself.  The second medium is fiber art, represented by baby ducks, moths, birds and other members of the animal kingdom.


Making It In Crafts II


Making it in Crafts featured the art of the nation's best fine art clay, glass, metal, wood-working and fiber craftsmen.  Many of these artisans are juried participants in the most prestigious art shows in the U.S.  Including Chicago’s SOFA at Navy Pier; Grand Rapids’ Art Prize; and Ann Arbor’s Summer Art Fair.  Jim Sondgeroth organized the exhibit as a follow up to the successful Making it in Crafts show the Art Museum featured in 2011. This was one of the most exciting arts and crafts exhibit ever seen in Greater Lafayette and attracted visitors from throughout the Midwest. Special thanks go to our Platinum Sponsor, Reed & Company. 


Feast of The Hunter's Moon: Paintings by Kimlien Tran


An exciting new look at the traditional festival at Fort Ouiatenon remembering the annual fall gathering of the French and Native Americans in the mid-1700’s, on the banks of the Wabash. Born in Viet Nam, artist Kimlien Tran, has a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BA in Chemistry, yet now focuses on her passion for artistic expression. She has studied and mastered the use of many media, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil, while creating exciting images of life focused on her emotions. This special series of paintings depict scenes derived from her memory and imagination during the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon festivals.


ArtSmart: New Vistas

Art Smart is meant to promote critical thinking and foster the concepts of connoisseurship and esthetic discovery.  The audience is provided with the opportunity not only to view original works of art but also to compare and contrast each pair of works.  The exhibit presents images of Indiana's past, its enduring beauty, creative artists and sense of cultural aesthetic.  In addition, the technical properties of different art media can be compared.


Wild Things: Fantasy by Michel Keck and Linda Mitchell

MAY 9 - SEPTEMBER 7, 2014


This exciting exhibition featured fantasy artwork by Demotte, IN artist Michel Keck and Atlanta, GA artist, Linda Mitchell.  Each of the artist's works evokes images from an imaginative and surreal world.  These works are both visually stimulating and extremely well executed. Wild Things entices children and adults alike by creating another world for viewers to step into.  Animals and wild images of all shapes, sizes and colors inhabited the East Gallery. 

Gold Sponsor: Regions Bank


Natural Disaster Color by Petronio Bendito



For the past ten years, Petronio Bendito has focused on the examination of color. For this series of mid and large-scale prints he conducted color studies in which he devised color schemes based on natural disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, landslides in Brazil and the tsunami in Japan. The works function as an interface that acknowledges the fragility of humankind and honors humanity in a subliminal way. Hope, remembrance, and resilience emerge as Mr. Bendito transposes depictions of chaos and despair into patterns of order and beauty. Petronio is an Associate Professor of Art and Design in the Purdue University Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

Platinum Sponsor: Henriott Group


A Colorful Narrative: Bill Smith Paintings by Boyd Smith

MAY 9 - AUGUST 31ST, 2014


Artist Statement

“In 2014 my grandfather Bill Smith Sr. turns 80 years old. As a kid, I always loved to hear stories about his life and choose him as the focus of a series of paintings. Because he has participated in various key events in history and achieved so much in his life, family and friends have always said that his life should be documented. Therefore, I decided to interview my grandfather about his life and construct a series of paintings that illustrated his narrative. I choose special moments in his life that are historic for him and America’s history. The intervals of time between each piece represent about ten years, unless specific details within a ten year period needed to be highlighted. For example, as a high school student my grandfather scored over fifty points at every basketball game. He was the first African American college athlete to play professional sports from his college, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University (NCA&T). He even participated in the sit-ins during the Civil Rights Movement in Greensboro, NC. Through his eyes, this series illustrates how history can shape an independent life and provide stepping stones to and influence future generations like myself. After the series is complete, it will become a coffee table book, furthering the audience that can learn from Bill Smith Sr.’s experiences.

Through an exploration of depth and color in each painting, I use two different types of mediums in this series: acrylic and oil. Acrylic and oil allow me to create different textures and detail. The use of vibrant colors to create organic shapes in each painting symbolizes life, energy, and human skin tones; these colors illustrate the connections to and within the human race.” - Boyd Smith