Painting the Songs: Metaphors for Life

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette will be hosting an music and painting performance on January 29 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m., titled “Painting the Songs: Metaphors for Life.” Singer and guitarist, Joe Peters, will provide live music while painter, Rena Brouwer, will create a watercolor painting that is inspired by the music. The painting will be projected live onto a screen so that the audience can see the art being created, while also listening to Joe’s music.

Joe and Rena first performed together in 2007 at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation and once or twice each year since that time. The performances are often described as mesmerizing to see the art unfold.

 “It is the combination of Joe and his music that I draw inspiration,” said Rena. “The wisdom, beauty and messages of his songs put words to how I feel through my brush.”

January 29, 7 - 8:00 pm

A live performance



“It is not very often that audiences get to see a visual artist at work, from start to finish. Equally rare are the artists who are willing to share that process with a live audience. Add the element of having the ears entertained at the same time, and it is a sensory experience that audiences find irresistible,” said Joe.

Thanks to support by the members of the Art Museum, the event is free to attend. For more information about the performance, please contact Kendall Smith, Executive Director of the Art Museum, at 765-742-1128 x4.