Lions and Tigers and Bears in our Backyard

Lafayette Leader, August 20, 2015

By Gregory Myers

The Lions, and Tigers and Bears Oh My! public art exhibit has created a connection between local artists and the business community, just like previous public exhibitions produced by the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette.

The Bob Rohrman Auto Group diamond sponsorship was for $20,000, with the Sapphire sponsorship of $10,000 provided by the Michael Richard Raisor Foundation. That sponsorship funded Marco the Tiger.


 “We had already decided to do bears, but then of course their symbol is a lion, Rohrman, ‘Roar-man’ auto group,” said Kendall Smith II, executive director of the private art museum.

“We brainstormed the idea of doing lions and tigers and bears, oh my from the Wizard of Oz and that's how that got started.”

The art exhibit continues until mid-September, when bears will be distributed to sponsors or taken to the Oct. 1 public auction for unsponsored bears, at the Rohrman Toyota showroom.

The exhibit is comprised of 37 bears, two lions and one tiger. The art pieces are dispersed throughout both Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Lorie Amick is a local artist who created four of the bears - "Kevin," "Carol and the Twins," "Bearnard de Lafayette," and "Frannie." - in collaboration with LaDonna Vohar.

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