Future Exhibits

New Artists 2019: A Juried Regional High School Art Exhibit

March 14 – April 21, 2019

East and McDonald Galleries 

This year will mark the 40th year of this exhibition. Organized and hosted by the Art League, this juried exhibition will highlight the work of talented high school artists from eleven area high schools.  High school art teachers select the best works by their students to submit for the show.  Professional artists in each category will select those to be included.  There are usually over 300 entries and only 1/3 will be chosen for the exhibit.  Cash awards are given by category and for the “best of show.”  In addition, there are several special awards bestowed.  One of our most-visited exhibitions, New Artists annually draws over 4,000 visitors from throughout our region.

Missed Beauty: Photographs of Prophetstown by Laura Hale

march 21 - June 2, 2019

Shook Gallery 

Laura Hale grew up in West Lafayette and spent many hours in the high school dark room, laying the groundwork for her love of photography.  In 2016, she happened into the barn at the Farm at Prophetstown, coming face to face with a Hereford steer standing in the cold air.  She took some photos of him and fell in love not only with photographing farm life, but Prophetstown State Park as well. Her approach to her photos is to look for things not usually noticed, taking time to wonder at the details of both farm life as well as the nature that surrounds it. Her photos are edited using just basic skills as she doesn’t want to over process the moment.  It has to be a good photo to begin with in order to make it a better photo.

Laura’s joy is to have someone realize that something they have never noticed or maybe didn’t seek out could be something of beauty.  Even a fat spider in a web is a beautiful sight against a blue sky.

Status: Fluid Dynamic, works by Jason Myers

May 10 – September 1, 2019

East Gallery 

Status: Fluid/Dynamic captures the dynamics of the world by illustrating the way our lives react to the fluid stream of information surrounding us.  The intent is to capture the emergence or destruction of a form by exposing the evolution of the process. Energy from the working process, influences its trajectory through cyberspace, then reacts once again when it returns in a material form.  A mark born in the physical world, navigates a virtual universe in dot matrix, and then reappears in the natural realm. 

A dialogue is formed, corrupted, questioned, and reformed throughout the duration of the piece. LIFE itself is broken down into selective layers by extracting content directly from the world around us. Each layer of content contains literal, conceptual, and visual assets reduced or enhanced to their purist form. The act of weaving similar and contrasting parts of each layer teases an addition to the 2 dimensional planes: a flirtation with the Z-axis.  The newly created fusion of elements challenges the question of space within an abstract thought. Space re emerges through a different vocabulary, forcing itself upon, around, and through the form in contradictory ways. The collective area on the canvas, which records the layers of expressive residue, displays the conscience interaction with these abstract ideas.  The residue is the manifestation of this work.

Discovery Through Brush & Lens: Niches Land Trust

May 10 – September 1, 2019

McDonald Gallery

The Discovery Through Brush and Lens (DTBL) project is a collaboration of four professional artists to paint and photograph most of the 40+ NICHES (Northern Indiana Citizens Helping Ecosystems Survive) Land Trust properties located in North Central Indiana. NICHES Land Trust protects, restores and sustains Northern Indiana’s ecosystems by providing habitat for native species and offering natural places for the education, appreciation and enjoyment of current and future generations.

The artists – Dan Annarino, Rena Brouwer, Terry Lacy and Alan McConnell – have been painting and photographing the Indiana landscape for many years, as well as hiking and enjoying the various NICHES properties. During the project they will collaborate at the NICHES property sites, as well as doing studio work, to create a body of artwork based on their interpretations and personal experiences. The four artists’ styles and techniques are quite different and mediums will include watercolor, oil, paper-pulp paintings, digital work and large-format photography.

Black American Voices: Featuring the Zamora Collection

 September 20 – December 1, 2019

East Gallery

The exhibition, Black American Voices, is based on the book of the same name that features The Antonio & Betty Zamora Collection of African Art in juxtaposition to photographs of Black Americans and a narrative that is the result of conversations and interviews that Joe Barry Carroll had with family, friends, and others.Selected works from the Zamora Collection with be displayed in combination with excerpts from the book to explore the wonderful history within the artwork and the amazing cultural narratives of those who shared their life story.

My View From Seven Feet: Paintings by Joe Barry Carroll

September 20 – December 1, 2019

McDonald Gallery

Joe Barry Carroll began painting in his home studio several years ago.  In that time he has quickly amassed a series of work that explore his roots and perspective.  Carroll uses paintings to tell stories.  These stories have explored the people who have guided him, the places he has encountered, his experience growing up in the American south, and his travels in during his professional career in the NBA.