Drop in Drawing with Elizabeth Lincourt

Meets Tuesdays from 7 - 8:30 pm
This is an Ongoing Class - Join Anytime!

Class Fee: $144 for Art Museum Members for 8 sessions
If you haven't joined the Art Museum yet, the feefor this class is $160
a 10% discount on Art Classes is one of the benefits of membership

About This Class:his class meets Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm

This is an ongoing drawing class. Bring your drawing projects with you, use photo reference OR draw the still life provided. There will be occasional demonstrations and students and instructor will share tips and techniques to take your drawing to a new level. Bring your own supplies.

Bring your own drawing boards, paper, tools and reference.

Participants will receive a punch card on the first drawing session they attend. It will be punched that evening then they will have 7 additional sessions to attend. The sessions do not have to be consecutive.

Class Fees:  $160 for 8 sessions

registration is a 2 step process.

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8 sessions of Drop in Drawing with Elizabeth Lincourt

Where to Go:
The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette is located at 102 South 10th Street in Lafayette, Indiana. Drop in Drawing meets at the Art Museum in the Manya Fan Art Education Center, Studio B. The entrance to the Manya Fan Education Center is on the right side of the Art Museum building as you face the it from the parking lot, under the smaller of the two awnings. You'll see a sign above the correct entrance that reads "Manya Fan Art Education Center." Please note: if you're attending the evening class, the main entrance to the museum will be locked, but the entrance to the Manya Fan Art Education Center will be open. If you're a little early and the door is locked, don't worry, your instructor will open it as soon as they arrive.

Check the calendar:
Once in a blue moon, class is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances. Click Here to check the events calendar to make sure class hasn't been cancelled, just in case. 


For More Information, Contact:

Elizabeth Lincourt, 765-362-5338 or e.lincourt@att.net