Current Exhibits

The Un-limited Figure: Creating an Afterlife for Retail Mannequins

 DECEMBER 14, 2018 – MARCH 3, 2019


Artists Lorie Amick and LaDonna Vohar were honored and excited about the opportunity to have an exhibit at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. After the initial excitement subsided, the quandary of a theme for the show set in. After tossing around a number of ideas the solution presented itself at the Tippecanoe Mall. The Limited was going out of business and all of their mannequins were for sale.  They decided that these mannequins were the perfect starting point.

“While we began with typical female mannequins they have been altered and transformed into fine art sculpture. We have cut, drilled, sanded, added, taken away, and relocated parts. We have used them as molds to form partial figures. We have used copper, Styrofoam, wax, fabric, Venetian plaster, Epoxy clays and many other materials.The final results will be an exhibit of new creations. Some we will wall mount, some will be on pedestals, some free standing, and even a few that have been designed to be outdoor sculptures.Retail stores are at the crossroads of change and are having to reinvent themselves to remain relevant. These art pieces have been reinvented and therefore are relevant.”

Southern Roots-Revisited: Paintings by Sandra Bridges

 DECEMBER 14, 2018 – MARCH 3, 2019


Artist Sandra Bridges is primarily an oil painter and is from Chicago, Illinois.  Sandra is known for creating emotionally charged paintings - be it her ability to capture the energy of a jazz performance or the strength of character on a subjects face.  In a sense Sandra's work serves as a social bridge.  Her powerful work stands as an exploration of the past, present and future, revealing that we are all linked in some way.   

Southern Roots - Revisited is a showing of oil paintings, a visual journey taking you into an African American experience and glimpses into a timeless connection.  The artist describes this series by stating, “THIS IS….My sentimental journey, a déjà vu experience of the unexpected and of my reflections and memories revisited. It is a conjuring up and revitalizing story told by my parents and grandparents of a time unknown to me yet very familiar because of the visions that come before my eyes. These paintings are endearing and contemplative. They draw you into the deep experience of our human condition. My hope is that you feel it. I may not have been there physically but I can bring it to view as we ponder that experience together both mentally and spiritually. They are intended for you to go deep within.”

Narratives: Works from the Permanent Collection

 DECEMBER 14, 2018 – JUNE 2, 2019


Many of the nearly 1,400 works of art in the Art Museum’s permanent collection have a story to tell and in this exhibition, we will explore some of those works and interpret the stories that they hold.  A narrative may reveal itself when the viewer looks closely at a work of art, or they may be uncovered when we learn about the artist’s personal story.  Curator, Michael Crowthers and Collections Committee chair, Mona Berg, have chosen many of the works for this show, because they have rarely been exhibited.  This will create an opportunity for visitors to become engaged, not only visually, but also through narrative interpretation.