Getting smart

Dozens of Indiana teachers learned how to make ArtSmart: Indiana come alive in their classrooms in June, thanks to a workshop at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. This web-based program combines history with art. The program features more than 100 images from 1800 to present, a resource catalog and a teaching guide calibrated to meet Indiana educational standards for visual arts, social studies, English language arts, math, science and media studies.

A statewide art program that was born and managed in Greater Lafayette, ArtSmart is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. What began as a program of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, ArtSmart: Indiana partners now include Children's Museum of Indianapolis with technology assistance from Purdue University.

ArtSmart was endorsed as an Indiana Bicentennial Legacy Project, meeting Indiana Legacy Project goals and characteristics of being culturally inclusive. 

Jeanne NorbergComment