Some Local Color

The exhibit "Local Color" opens July 29 at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette with a public reception 5:30-7:30 p.m. The work is by Rebecca Brody, a local artist who paints contemporary watercolors. Underwritten by State Sen. Ron Alting and the museum's 2nd Century Club, the exhibit will run through Sept. 25.

The exhibit will showcase around 20 new watercolors, which depict local scenes and abstracted landscapes from Tippecanoe County. There will also be watercolors that feature wild-hair birds as well as pieces painted on Yupo paper, which is a type of synthetic art paper that is non-absorbent and has a smooth surface and which allows for a special, watery effect when painting with watercolors.

The  title “Local Color” has a double meaning. In addition to referring to the local scenes and colors featured in the exhibit, “local color” is a painting term that refers to the natural color of an object that is unmodified by adding light or shadow or any other distortion.


Jeanne NorbergComment