Bears Oh My Artist Information

To Enter

There is no fee to enter.  Generally only one entry per artist will be accepted.  However, in some cases the jurors may override that limitation.  Information about the project, plus images of the blank fiberglass bears are posted on the website.  Submit an application online at or download the application and submit with required supporting documents by email to  

Artists selected by a panel of judges will get a blank fiberglass walking or sitting bear form to paint and/or decorate.

Upon delivery of the completed sculpture, the Art Museum will provide a $400 per bear honorarium to the artist, or team of artists involved.  All artists and team members must be members of the Art Museum before receiving payment.

Individuals or businesses will sponsor many of the bear sculptures.  Diamond and Platinum Sponsors will keep their bear at the end of the project.  Those that are sponsored with in-kind assistance or at the Gold or Silver levels will be displayed with a plaque recognizing the sponsorship through the summer and auctioned in the fall of 2015 at a special event to support the Art Museum.

This exhibition will continue the fun and tradition of community art projects by the Art Museum in the Greater Lafayette area: Hog Wild! In 2003, Frog Follies in 2005, Dog Days of Summer in 2009 and Chair-ity in 2011.

Entry Deadline:  October 15, 2014

Designs must be appropriate for all audiences.  A panel of judges will select artists/designs to be approved for the BEARS oh my! program. 

The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette will exhibit the bears outdoors from May through the summer of 2015.  Designs must be durable and materials appropriate for extreme Indiana weather conditions.

The completed bear will be on public display and likely be climbed on by excited children and possibly subject to vandalism (we hope not!).  Therefore, the materials used should be safe to touch and the sculpture sturdy. Objects added to the bears must be tightly secured. The bear’s mounting hardware is molded into the form at the base and must be unobstructed.

Once selected, artists will receive information provided by the manufacturer regarding suggested materials and other helpful hints.  An artists’ hotline is available for artists wanting to discuss the technical aspects and plausibility of their design ideas with the manufacturer. 

There may be opportunities to work with a specific sponsor to design a bear for them.  However, artists must still submit their designs for application.  Bear designs that are deemed to be overly commercial will be rejected.

When finished, the bear sculptures will be professionally sealed by the DeFouw Chevrolet body shop with a clear coating to protect the surface from ultraviolet exposure and moisture.  The bear will then be fastened to a concrete base provided by Purdy Concrete.

The artist’s name, the sponsor’s name and the title of the bear will be displayed on a plaque on the concrete base.  


The white fiberglass bears come with a factory priming.  Each bear weighs approximately 70 pounds.
Artists may request their preferred bear pose (walking or sitting), but are not guaranteed to receive that pose, as a limited quantity of each has been produced for the project.  The bear manufacturer’s contact information will be provided to the artists to answer technical questions about the forms.


Walking Pose

Dimensions: (48” H x 63" L x 30” D)

Walking Bear (side view)

Walking Bear (side view)

Walking Bear (front view)

Walking Bear (front view)

Sitting Pose

Dimensions (36” H x 48” L x 44” D)

Sitting Bear (side view)

Sitting Bear (side view)

Sitting Bear (front view)

Sitting Bear (front view)


 Pickup of the bear forms is the responsibility of the artist, and will take place at a special artist/sponsor event at:

Muinzer Moving and Storage
1315 Ferry St.
Lafayette, Indiana

 Artists must provide their own workspaces and must carry general liability insurance during the time the bears are in the artist’s possession.  Neither the Art Museum, nor the sponsor will be liable as the result of any accident, theft or injury while the bears are in the possession of the artist.

 You must title your bear sculpture 

Clever titles that hint at how the bear is transformed into a specific work of art are recommended.

 All sculptures are the property of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette for the duration of the project, and will become the property of the purchaser after the project is complete.

 Artists are not responsible for installation of the bears.

 Should touchup work on the bear be necessary, the artist will be contacted, and, if not able to participate in a timely manner, another artist may perform the necessary work.

By entering the BEARS oh my! project, the artist surrenders all rights to copyright for their bear design.  All bears created by artists will become property of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Inc.  The artist also releases allrights to photographic reproduction and publishing of images of their bear design in print, or electronically to Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Inc.


All selected artists will be invited as guests for the gala auction finale in October 2015.  Awards will be given in two categories:

$1,000 prize for “Best of Show”
$1,000 prize for the “Public Choice Award”