Animal Crackers

featured artist Judy Titche

November 7 - February 16

Animal Crackers
from the Journal and Courier, January 29, 2015

“Animal Crackers” highlighed two very divergent artistic techniques.  The first is pique-assiette mosaic, represented in the show by what artist Judy Titche calls “story animals.” These “animals” encourage the viewer to devise stories about them and thus to become a part of the scene itself.  The second medium is fiber art, represented by baby ducks, moths, birds and other members of the animal kingdom.

Contrasting textures, hard and soft, fragmented stories represented in broken 
shards and pieces, along with tightly-felted wool and fabrics, will lead you through 
a fantasy-back-to-reality-world of animals we love and that fascinate us.  The
more one looks, the more there is to find.  Little treasures, for example, can be seen behind an ear and become a hint to the actual life of the animal you are viewing.

Connect the dots, use your imagination, and a whole new world will open up to you for you to fall into.