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Friday Night Live - The Prannies

Friday, September 28

7:00 - 8:00 pm on the Fowler House Lawn

Come to our September Friday Night Live sponsored by Purdue Federal Credit Union! The Prannies will be here performing their own compositions, styled after ‘60s & ‘70s British and American bands. Richard Fudge is from Portsmouth, England.  Influenced by Bob Dylan’s lyrics, he witnessed first hand the early years of the Rolling Stones, The Who and other bands from that era. Don Staley is from Madison, Indiana.  He was influenced by the “surf” music scene of the mid ‘60s and by early Delta Blues styles of guitar playing. Gary ward is from Winamac, Indiana. Not only is he a great drummer, he also plays lead guitar, keyboards and vocals. Dick Landrum is from Monticello, Indiana where he grew up listening to country and western music.  He is influenced by the late ‘60s, early ‘70s British invasion bands and progressive rock artists.


Twinrocker: 48 Years of Hand Papermaking

Founded in 1971, by Kathryn and Howard Clark, Twinrocker Handmade Paper was the first American handmade paper studio since 1929. Through the years, in their Brookston, Indiana studio, the Clarks have shown a steadfast commitment to their craft and paid scrupulous attention to the highest aesthetic and technical standards. Therefore, the name Twinrocker has become synonymous with excellence, integrity and, most of all, exquisitely beautiful handmade paper. This exhibition will feature artwork by celebrated artists that have worked with Twinrocker from the Clarks’ collection.

Platinum Sponsor: Fountain Trust Co.  Silver Sponsor: Floyd and Patricia Garrott

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The institution now known as the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette began over 100 years ago, on April 14, 1909. After a “general awakening of art interests all over (the) country and state” Lafayette residents saw a chance to “stimulate and encourage interest in art and to give annual exhibitions, and also to establish and maintain permanent collections of works of art.”

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