Future Exhibitions

New Artists 2018: A Juried Regional High School Art Exhibit

March 8 – April 21, 2018

East Gallery

This year will mark the 38th year of this exhibition. Organized and hosted by the Art League, this juried exhibition will highlight the work of talented high school artists from eleven area high schools.  High school art teachers select the best works by their students to submit for the show.  Professional artists in each category will select those to be included.  There are usually over 300 entries and only 1/3 will be chosen for the exhibit.  Cash awards are given by category and for the “best of show.”  In addition, there are several special awards bestowed.  One of our most-visited exhibitions, New Artists annually draws over 4,000 visitors from throughout our region.

Platinum Sponsor: The Art League

Curious Creatures: Joshua Smith

March 9 - June 3, 2018

Curious Creatures features insect displays and mixed media paintings by Hoosier artist Joshua Smith. The exhibition explores the relationship humans have with animals and nature’s cycle of life. The artist states, “As humans we tend to focus our attention on things more our size, more our speed. Things flying above our heads or crawling below our feet are usually the furthest things from our minds. Still, we all have memories that involve insects.” Smith brings these memories into sharper focus with his artwork. Smith’s displays are created with insects that have died naturally, and that are not endangered species.

Also on exhibit are Smith’s watercolor and mixed media paintings featuring local as well as exotic wild birds. These paintings are a brilliant mix of color displaying wildlife such as the Great Blue Heron, Sandhill Crane, Cardinal, and Tri-Colored Heron. When asked about this body of work Smith states, “Each species is perfectly suited to their place in the world, not more and not less, then they need to be. Their niche in our world has inspired me to find mine, to show the world the beauty and wonder of the natural world.”

Joshua D. Smith is an Indiana native, born and raised in the small Northwest Indiana town of Wheatfield.  He lives on his family farm with his lovely wife Kelsey, and their two silly cats Bob and Oscar, who love to “help” in the studio. Joshua attended the Art Institute of Indianapolis where he studied art and design in the Media & Animation program, receiving his Bachelors degree in 2012.  After school, he worked as a freelance designer and instructor at Saint Joseph’s College until deciding to devote all of his time to his art. He spends much of his time in the studio working with insects or painting.  Much of his recent artwork has been inspired by nature, especially the wildlife of North America.  When not in the studio, he is traveling the Midwest with his company Green Beetle Shop, displaying and selling handmade, one-of-a-kind insect displays.

The Figure from Clay to Bronze: Tuck Langland

May 11 – September 2, 2018

East Gallery

Master sculptor, Tuck Langland has been a Midwestern artist for nearly sixty years. His favorite medium is cast bronze.  His works are featured in many public spaces in the U.S. and are in private collections as well as in twelve museum collections. 

Born in Minnesota and educated at the University of Minnesota, Tuck and his wife moved to England, where he taught at the Carlisle and Sheffield Colleges of Art.  Their first daughter was born in Sheffield, and the second arrived after he took a job teaching at Murray State University in Kentucky.  After four years in Kentucky, the family moved to Indiana where Tuck taught at Indiana University South Bend.

 The Langland’s live in a pre-Civil War farmhouse in Granger, and Tuck works in a studio he converted from the barn and stables.  Unless you saw Lady and Mozzie painted on the wall of a storage closet, you would never know the origin of his modern, well-equipped studio.  While Tuck works in Granger, Indiana, his reputation is national, and his travels are worldwide. For thirty-two years, Tuck taught sculpture, art history and art appreciation at Indiana University South Bend.  He won teaching awards, including the prestigious Lundquist Fellowship, and upon retirement, he was elected Professor Emeritus.  He has also been invited to be a Visiting Artist across the country and worldwide. His successful career in teaching developed alongside his sculpture career.  Two things most characterize Tuck’s sculpture career: creating large signature sculptures for public places and writing books and articles about sculpture.  Early in his career, Tuck was elected into the National Academy of Art and to the rank of Fellow in the National Sculpture Society (NSS).  He currently sits on the board of the NSS and chairs the editorial board of their magazine, Sculpture Review.

 This exhibition will feature a wide range of figurative and portrait works in bronze.  It will also show the process from Tuck’s original clay sculpture to the final bronze casting.

Platinum Sponsor: Kristel Kaye

Indiana Heritage: The Richard and Phyllis Boehning Collection

May 11 – September 2, 2018

McDonald Gallery

Local residents, Richard and Phyllis Boehning spent years assembling a collection of paintings by notable Indiana artists.  Their collection includes works by Theodore Clemons Steele, William Forsythe, Richard Gruelle, Clifton Wheeler, Otto Stark, Glen Cooper Henshaw and others.  In honor of the late Phyllis Boehning, Richard has donated a total of 25 painting to the Art Museum.  We are thankful for their gift and proud to exhibit these fine works of art.

POzzatti: People, Prints, and Places

June 22 – November 4, 2018

Weil Gallery

Indiana University Professor Emeritus, is skilled in many artistic mediums, but he is known primarily as a master printmaker.  Born in Telluride, CO in 1925, Rudy received both his BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Colorado.  He traveled to Italy twice with Fulbright grants in 1952-53 and again in 1963-64, where he worked in Cortona.  He received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 63-64, and Ford grant to attend the Tamarind Lithography Workshop in Los Angeles.  The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette has a comprehensive collection of Mr. Pozzatti’s work, spanning his entire career and one of his lithographs, titled ”Apollo,” is featured in the ArtSmart: Indiana educational program.  The ArtSmart: Indiana team is guest curating this exhibit with selections of his works from our permanent collection.  

New Ideas: Bonnie Zimmer

September 21 – November 25, 2018

Weil Gallery

Bonnie Zimmer is a lifelong artist, arts activist and resident of Rensselaer, Indiana.  A Professor Emeritus of Art, she is retired from Saint Joseph’s College where she was Associate Professor of Art and Chair of the Art Department.  She is a committed artist and has exhibited nationally.  Nearly all of her works are created from found materials harvested from the fields, woods and roadsides near her rural home.