Friday Night Live! 

at the Art Museum

Art comes to life with monthly performances at the Art Museum

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Classic Bang - Alternative/Indie Rock

Friday, June 29th

Classic Bang is two dudes who play alternative/indie rock with a sound as fulfilling as a hungryman's breakfast. They are fiercely devoted to melody, expressed in rich harmonies that unfold in their music. Their aura is reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel, but with added crunch and raw intensity. Jake lays down jazzy guitarwork over moody contemplations, while Matt blends deep vocals with upbeat basslines. Their Two Robes EP was released in the fall and is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Classic Bang.png

The Hazelnuts String Band

Friday, July 27th

Band members Hazel Zetee (86 yrs old!) vocals, guitar; Janet Glossic, vocals, fiddle and mandolin; C.J. Brown, vocals, banjo-ukulele; Walt Wilson, bass; Howie Clark, vocals, banjo, dobro will be playing a rather eclectic mix of Country, Old-Time, Bluegrass and Gospel music. They have been a band since about 8 or 10 years ago when someone asked them to play at a Purdue event. They have since played at venues and events all around the area such as the Haan Museum, many churches, Gospel sings, the Fiddlers' Gathering and (for the past 8 years) at the Indiana State Fair.

Lorie Amick and Family - The Art of Music

Friday, August 31st


The Prannies - Pub Rock

Friday, September 28th

The Prannies perform their own compositions, styled after ‘60s & ‘70s British and American bands. Richard Fudge is from Portsmouth, England.  Influenced by Bob Dylan’s lyrics, he witnessed first hand the early years of the Rolling Stones, The Who and other bands from that era. Don Staley is from Madison, Indiana.  He was influenced by the “surf” music scene of the mid ‘60s and by early Delta Blues styles of guitar playing. Gary ward is from Winamac, Indiana.  He is a multi-talented musician.  Not only is he a great drummer, he also plays lead guitar, keyboards and vocals.  Gary also contributes his talents to “The Prannies” original songs. Dick Landrum is from Monticello, Indiana.  Dick grew up listening to country and western music.  He is influenced by the late ‘60s, early ‘70s British invasion bands and progressive rock artists.  He also contributes to “the Prannies” solid rock sound and songwriting.