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The Prannies - Pub Rock

Friday, September 28th

The Prannies perform their own compositions, styled after ‘60s & ‘70s British and American bands. Richard Fudge is from Portsmouth, England.  Influenced by Bob Dylan’s lyrics, he witnessed first hand the early years of the Rolling Stones, The Who and other bands from that era. Don Staley is from Madison, Indiana.  He was influenced by the “surf” music scene of the mid ‘60s and by early Delta Blues styles of guitar playing. Gary ward is from Winamac, Indiana.  He is a multi-talented musician.  Not only is he a great drummer, he also plays lead guitar, keyboards and vocals.  Gary also contributes his talents to “The Prannies” original songs. Dick Landrum is from Monticello, Indiana.  Dick grew up listening to country and western music.  He is influenced by the late ‘60s, early ‘70s British invasion bands and progressive rock artists.  He also contributes to “the Prannies” solid rock sound and songwriting.



Traveler's Dream - Celtic, Tradition American and Original Music

Friday, October 26th

With rich voices and a wide array of traditional instruments, Traveler’s Dream has been captivating audiences throughout the Midwest for over fifteen years. The band’s diverse instrumentation is one of the things audiences seem to appreciate most.  Michael Lewis provides driving rhythms and melody on vocals, the guitar, mandolin and Quebecois-style foot percussion.  Denise adds texture and musical variety on the Irish flute, voice, concertina, tin whistle, and jaw harp.  Uilleann piper Taylor Stirm also plays the low whistle while Chance Heasty shines on the fiddle, fife, and didgeridoo.  Though serious about the quality of their music, they are often praised for their ability to engage listeners and create a fun atmosphere that is enjoyed by all! 

Traveler's Dream creates music that is rich in tradition but driven by innovation and creativity. The band consists of Michael Lewis, Denise Wilson, Taylor Stirm, and Chance Heasty.  With powerful voices, rich harmonies and a wide variety of traditional and modern instruments, these musicians captivate listeners with spirited songs from the Celtic lands and French Canada, hard-driving Irish jigs and reels, sea shanties, and traditional American songs. Nestled alongside this vibrant canon of music are original songs that are often inspired by the beauty of the Midwestern landscape and the relationships people have with the land and with each other.  When these four talented multi-instrumentalists come together, you can be sure of an evening of exceptional music, plenty of humor, and an encouragement to sing along that will be hard to resist.

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Rick Mummey - Eclectic Music with Elements of Folk, Rock, Jazz, and Blues

Friday, November 9th

Rick Mummy and Larry Smeyak will be performing selections of eclectic music with elements of folk, rock, jazz, and blues. Larry has been in the local music scene since the 60s, notably with Stone Soup, which featured Carrie Newcomer. He and Rick have had a band called Dr. Fine, now a 7 piece band, for 26 years. Rick has been in Lafayette since 1978, working 25 years in local radio and 6 in social work. He now hosts Mumcast: The Rick Mummey Show podcast at