Current Exhibits


MARCH 9 - JUNE 3, 2018 - Shook Gallery

Curious Creatures features insect displays and mixed media paintings by Hoosier artist Joshua Smith. The exhibition explores the relationship humans have with animals and nature’s cycle of life. The artist states, “As humans we tend to focus our attention on things more our size, more our speed. Things flying above our heads or crawling below our feet are usually the furthest things from our minds. Still, we all have memories that involve insects.” Smith brings these memories into sharper focus with his artwork. Smith’s displays are created with insects that have died naturally, and that are not endangered species.

Also on exhibit are Smith’s watercolor and mixed media paintings featuring local as well as exotic wild birds. These paintings are a brilliant mix of color displaying wildlife such as the Great Blue Heron, Sandhill Crane, Cardinal, and Tri-Colored Heron. When asked about this body of work Smith states, “Each species is perfectly suited to their place in the world, not more and not less, then they need to be. Their niche in our world has inspired me to find mine, to show the world the beauty and wonder of the natural world.”

Joshua D. Smith is an Indiana native, born and raised in the small Northwest Indiana town of Wheatfield.  He lives on his family farm with his lovely wife Kelsey, and their two silly cats Bob and Oscar, who love to “help” in the studio. Joshua attended the Art Institute of Indianapolis where he studied art and design in the Media & Animation program, receiving his Bachelors degree in 2012.  After school, he worked as a freelance designer and instructor at Saint Joseph’s College until deciding to devote all of his time to his art. He spends much of his time in the studio working with insects or painting.  Much of his recent artwork has been inspired by nature, especially the wildlife of North America.  When not in the studio, he is traveling the Midwest with his company Green Beetle Shop, displaying and selling handmade, one-of-a-kind insect displays.



DECEMBER 15 – JUNE 3, 2018 - Weil Gallery

Over time, art can spread and influence everything around it. Art can be used to show people’s lives, celebrate customs, critique current events, present personal reflections, explore the world around us, and much more. Art does not stop at a country’s border. This exhibition includes selected works by international artists, Native Americans, the Inuit, and also includes American artists depicting people or places from different parts of the world. There are commonalities in subject matter and style in the works of art regardless of the artist’s origin. There are insights into the lives of others that can show common ground, and there are works of art that examine issues that are relevant even today. Explore this exhibition and see what you can discover when you create bridges through art.